European training program for radiofrequency ablation

ESGE endorsement

Dear RFA Academia members,

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the ESGE Governing Board has endorsed the RFA Academia training courses.

Up to date, with this initiative, more than 200 physicians have been trained in the management of early Barrett’s neoplasia, through approximately 30 courses.

The ESGE Secretariat is in contact already with the RFA Academia Steering Committee to further discuss the promotion of ESGE Individual Membership and other promotional activities.

You can see in the link below that the upcoming training, that took place in Amsterdam on March 8 and 9, was already listed among the ESGE events.


On behalf of the Steering Committee of the RFA Academia,¬† I thank you for your help in organizing courses on management of early Barrett’s neoplasia and/or your active particpation in these courses.

We look forward to expand on this initiative with more quality items on the RFA Academia website. In the next months we will expand the available PowerPoint presentations with¬†lectures such as: EMR and ESD for Barrett’s neoplasia, the management of early squamous neoplasia, and how to improve recognition of early Barrett’s neoplasia. In addition, we will add teaching modules for training pathologists in the evalauation of biopsies and EMR specimens. Please stay tuned for more!


Jacques Bergman

Posted: March 15th, 2012 under News.

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