European training program for radiofrequency ablation


Recently a new endoscopic ablation technique, Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), has become available in Europe for the treatment of Barrett’s esophagus. Studies on RFA have shown impressive success rates, not only for the removal of neoplasia but also for complete endoscopic and histological removal of all Barrett’s mucosa. If used adequately in carefully selected patients, the procedure is safe and results in restoration of normal appearing squamous mucosa free of pre-existing oncogenetic abnormalities in the majority of patients.

The RFA-Academia is an initiative to teach endoscopists in Europe how and in whom to perform safe and justified RFA. The program is open for all centers and endoscopists that meet the specific requirements detailed on this website.
The training Program Committee, consisting of international experts in this field, is responsible for the selection of training centers, the contents of the training program, and this website. The Program Committee acts independent of commercial parties.

This website provides general information regarding the training program, as well as more detailed practical information for participants.

The RFA-Academia is supported by an unrestricted grant from BÂRRX Medical.